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Gratitude Cafe Life was created by a stressed 9-to-5er working in the City who wanted the current burn-out culture to change.

Tired of working till late, logging on from home and being on call to everyone up and down the hierarchical ladder, Gratitude Cafe Life was born with the belief that there had to be a better way.

It's a chicken and egg situation, when we work long hours we do not have time to create complicated, time consuming, ridiculously healthy dishes. We do not have time for the gym and our sleep begins to suffer. 

Sound familiar?

However, with better sleep, regular exercise and healthy eating you feel better, work becomes more manageable and life just feels easier.

This is what Gratitude Cafe Life is all about. We are a wellness programme for the 9-to-5er. 

We provide recipes that are easy to make, nutritious and delicious, we provide workouts you can fit into a busy lifestyle and a strong community to provide tips, tools and support to keep you on track and concentrate on you and your wellbeing. 

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Gratitude Cafe.Life 

Why Gratitude Cafe Life?

This is a wellness guide to having it all.

We want that promotion, we want to eat in nice places, we want to follow the trend of green juices, protein shakes, superfood salads and we want to go to gym frequently 

....but at the same time we are 'time-poor'. We instead eat whatever is quick and easy, we forgo the gym to work late or to socialise by downing another few beers or bottle of wine and we are glued to our phones like an extension of our bodies .....Frankly, we are a walking contradiction.

This is where Gratitude Cafe Life was born. 

A community for like-minded 9-5ers who want a realistic wellness guide. Tried and Tested methods specifically chosen for their simplicity but with proven results. 

We are not looking to revamp our lives - we are GRATEFUL for what we have but we are looking to enhance what we have.

The Gratitude Cafe Life Movement


Let's face it. Working in the city can be isolating at times and with drinks after work, the gym and working long hours we can really neglect ourselves.

The Gratitude Cafe is about to change all that. Come join us on our journey to wellness. 


Yes we love our marathons, triathlons and a spot of yoga but we also know 'life happens'. We will be on hand to give you everything from 10 minute yoga-at-home sessions to exercises you can even do at your desk!


Thoughts can dominate everything that we do. When we do not look after our mind we neglect every area of ourselves.

Gratitude Cafe Life concentrates on mental wellness with meditation and stress resilience. We are aware that we cannot control every situation but we can control how we deal with it. 


From that morning smoothie to start the day to healthy options for dinner. Eating healthily doesn't have to be expensive or  taste like cardboard.

...and have you tried our lunchtime challenge?

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