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Hi, I'm Nikki,

I created Gratitude Cafe.Life when I was a stressed corporate-ite working in the City of London, UK who wanted the current burn out culture to change.

I was seriously tired of working till late, logging on from home and being on call to everyone up and down the hierarchical ladder. I knew there had to be a better way.

Speaking to physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, yoga and sleep gurus I found ways to cater for my well-being while working a busy 9-5. 

Whats more I realised that with better sleep, regular exercise and healthy eating I was significantly less frazzled at work, was happier and as all my colleagues and friends started to see the change they asked what was going on. 

I started this platform so others can benefit as I have. I do all the ground work so you don't have to. 

So click the link below and join us for daily chats in our Facebook community and on Instagram and Twitter and don't forget to click the link below to receive the FREE 3 Day Transformation plan as well as weekly recipes, articles and exercise routines.


What we do

We are here for you.

We see you as a community of corporate professionals who want life in balance.

You are ambitious, motivated and you want to climb that corporate ladder but you want to do it by putting yourself first.

We know that corporate wellness is more than a tick-box exercise and as we watch the people around us repeatedly burn out we know there is a better way to this corporate culture.

Life in Balance

We are not tee-total vegans but we are educated enough to know that burning the candle at both ends is not going to aid us to become the best versions of ourselves. 

Gratitude Cafe.Life is a community of over 800 corporate professionals across our mailing list, Facebook group, Instagram and Twitter.

Each month we will guide you across our 4 pillars within the movement (Community, Fitness, Mind and Nutrition) as well as support you in one main focused area of your life whether that be your personal financials, stress, time management or mindfulness.  

We kick off in January 2018 with 'New Year, New You'. 

For more information click below to sign up.

The Gratitude Cafe. Life Movement


Let's face it. Working in the city can be isolating at times and with drinks after work, the gym and working long hours we can really neglect ourselves.

The Gratitude Cafe is about to change all that. Come join us on our journey to wellness. 


Yes we love our marathons, triathlons and a spot of yoga but we also know 'life happens'. We will be on hand to give you everything from 10 minute yoga-at-home sessions to exercises you can even do at your desk!


Thoughts can dominate everything that we do. When we do not look after our mind we neglect every area of ourselves.

Gratitude concentrates on mental wellness with meditation and stress resilience. We are aware that we cannot control every situation but we can control how we deal with it. 


From that morning smoothie to start the day to healthy options for dinner. Eating healthily doesn't have to be expensive or  taste like cardboard.

...and have you tried our lunchtime challenge?

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We can't do this alone. Movements only work when we listen and grow together, so drop us a little note. We want to know your likes, dislikes and how we can make this better for you.

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